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just about celine bag everyone

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Not Your Mother's Muumuu The baby doll dress is nothing new, but the resurging popularity of the trend is. Cristbal Balenciaga is one designer credited with creating the freeflowing fashion. He unveiled the highwaisted baby doll dress back in 1957.

Sasha Morrison, fashion director for US Weekly, says designers were inspired by old hits like Balenciaga's motifs to create this season's newest musthave, 50 years after it made its debut.

"This trend evolved from a fascination with the 1920s, when there was no waist and also the 1960s, with the whole baby doll thing," Morrison said. "You have all that history."

They say history, fashion history included, repeats itself, but not every trend has made a successful comeback think bell bottoms and gogo boots. So what has shaped the success story of the shapeless baby doll dress?

It seems as if the fashion industry is on a roller coaster ride, moving from one extreme to another. This summer's baby doll dress is a far departure from last year's skinny jeans. But unlike skinny jeans, the baby doll dress is accessible to all shapes and sizes of women, something fashion insiders say adds to its appeal.

Sari Sloane, vice president of fashion merchandising at Intermix, a hip New York retailer, says the dress looks good on just about celine bag everyone.

"Baby doll dresses are extremely forgiving," Sloane said. "It's a very easy, comfortable style that can be adapted to just about every body type."

Comfort doesn't typically top the list of musthaves in fashion design. So adapting to the everyday woman is not something typical of an industry that uses pencilthin models to promote its products. High fashion has historically been reserved for the runway, staying out of reach of the everyday woman. But the baby doll dress may be breaking that stiff stereotype.

"Fashion is about change. It's about mood and making you feel good about something you have," Morrison said. "It's invoking a mood in some people to have a passion about fashion, so it's fun."

"I recently bought one, but it took a lot of persuading by my friends," said Rachel Carpenter, who works in marketing in New York. "I was uncomfortable with how shapeless it seemed."

And nobody is immune to committing a fashion faux pas with this trend. Both skinny and overweight women could potentially have problems with the dress.

"Overly curvy girls could possibly look heavy and on the other token, very tall and skinny girls can get lost in the dresses," Sloane said.

Morrison recommends accessories to avoid a fashion disaster.

"Everybody can wear it, depending on how you accessorize it," Morrison said. "You can hem it, belt it in or buy a smaller size."

Carpenter says belting the dress is her favorite option.


"I like how comfortable the dress is, but I constantly feel like I should be belting it or pulling it in so it doesn't add 30 pounds from its tentlike form," Carpenter said.

New York Fashion and Style celine bag

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New York Fashion and Style celine bag

Remember Balenciaga brocade and jacquard trousers? The ones in every 2006 fashion editorial? It was almost a little overkill. Those pieces were well imprinted into the visual minds of every fashion enthusiast. Well, the same thing is finally happening with Balmain and Christophe Decarnin. Just a few months ago editorials were splashed with Balmain military canvas jacket. The piece had the same visual impact as those damn trousers. Elle and Vogue subscribers will remember it for years. It was the piece. If you could afford it.

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